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Dear friends and fellow Witches,

I apologize for the long silence between posts. There’s a lot I need to get off my chest and it’s really important that I say something where I feel safe and loved. Hopefully you will keep me in your prayers.

I was diagnosed with major medical issue a few days ago that will offer long term changes from this point on. I’ll be leaving New York City shortly and going back home rest and recover and figure out what all this means. I know the Goddess is with me, but these are dark days indeed.

Despite the fear and confusion and sadness, I’m trying to take this as a fresh start. I’ll have a lot of time on my hands in the coming weeks to share more of what knowledge I have. Also to share a bit more about how I am dealing with these changes. I hope I have your support my friends.

I apologize if the style of this blog consequently changes to include more diary-like posts like this one, but it is also my firm belief that magick is understood only in context. A spell may work perfectly one day and fall apart the next. A ritual may uplift us to the embodiment of Goddess, or leave us standing in embarassment.

It’s by sharing the details of our lives that we can help each other to learn and grow. It is my goal to save the next generation the frustration and heartbreak of being magick, celebrating the seasons, and protecting the earth alone.

So once more, thank you for the amazing support you have given over the years. I hope to do you proud.

- M.W.Image

  • Much of this blog is still under construction. Please feel free to wander and share both opinions, suggestions and of course compliments.

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